The path to authenticity

Living consciously means that we have taken responsibility for life and how we want to live it. This is the path to greater freedom, to fullness within oneself and in relationships, but at the same time, it brings the need for deeper personal work, as we must free ourselves from the mental, emotional and physical patterns about who we are, about relationships and life that we have unconsciously accepted in the most vulnerable years.

As adults, we have the power to take responsibility for our inner experience and the ability to free ourselves from what hinders us from truly living.

For deeper and more lasting changes in the way we perceive ourselves, it is important to once again face the contents that we have repressed into the unconscious in the past.

Deep reprocessing psychotherapy of psychological trauma with the integration of Brainspotting is a directed, deep and safe body-oriented psychotherapy process that enables access, processing and liberation from unconscious repressed fears, limiting beliefs and healing of frozen emotional pain.

Through the process, you develop a deep and compassionate relationship with yourself and your inner experience. This is how you build a home within yourself, filled with feelings of security, balance and connection. As a result, you enter life and relationships with feelings of wholeness and fullness, rather than fear and endangerment.

When you provide your wound with a safe and respectful relationship so it can express itself and heal, you open up space to reconnect with an authentic part of yourself: this leads to a deep transformation and brings about a new perception of yourself and the world, opening up new possibilities for a fuller and freer life.

In my psychotherapy practice, I dedicate a safe, respectful and professional space to individuals who want to actively take responsibility for their well-being and begin the transformation of their inner experience for a fuller, freer and more creative life. I am honoured to be able to accompany and support you on your way to freedom from psychological trauma and to getting to know yourself in an entirely new way.

Sabina Gombač

Sabina Gombač, specialized in a deep reprocessing psychotherapy of psychological trauma, Brainspotting therapist, supervisor, and integrative psychotherapist, with more than 20 years of work experience in the field of processing and integration of psychological trauma.

Impressions after therapy

  • I developed a compassionate attitude towards myself. I am more aware of and supportive of the parts of me that have helped me survive. I feel more wholeness after a session. I am also aware of the inner sources of strength that help me with my daily challenges.

    Anže, Slovenia
  • Therapy brought me a new insight into myself. Only due to therapy, I saw the heaviness of the family burden I was carrying. After a session, I feel more inner strength, firmness and stability. I again feel the desire for creativity, for change. I feel like I'm getting my life back.

    Maja, Sweden
  • In therapy, I go to places inside me that I have never gone to before, although I meditate regularly. This brings me deep relief from pain. Without Sabina's presence and guidance, I would not have been able to do this. It is a gift that we can have therapy online.

    Joži, Slovenia
  • With her presence, compassion and unconditional acceptance of all parts of me, Sabina provided a space for me to look inside and face things that I had been scared of and running away from all my life.

    Boža, Slovenia
  • By healing my pain due to the inability to connect with the family, I felt my true self again. I have a sense of stability and balance. For the first time, I feel the joy of living.

    Ana, Spain
  • With Brainspotting, I was able to go further than with any therapy so far, namely to the core of the problem that I had been carrying all my life. In doing so, I encountered the pain of my family, the trauma of my ancestors. Now I understand better why I feel the way I do. Healing enables me to get in touch with myself again

    Svetlana, Slovenia
  • After a session, I feel more liveliness in my body, even if I encounter unpleasant sensations during the process. I feel empowered because I feel that I can stay in touch with myself. The inner feeling that I can do it helps me to make changes that I haven't been able to make for years or maybe ever.

    Alenka, Slovenia

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